Are you keeping up?

Nothing stands still. You launch successfully today, and immediately the forces of life begin changes that ultimately render it outdated. Some changes are fast; Others, slow. Some are small; Others, big. Over time, these changes create extraordinary pressure on your organization. It’s true for businesses, non-profits, churches, and any enterprise. Is your organization keeping up? It’s also true for leadership skills. Are you keeping up?

At ever-increasing speed, transformative technology cycles solve yesterday’s problems. Then new challenges emerge. Economic shifts alter consumer mindset and behaviors. Competitors move to take advantage of these opportunities. Generational changes impact attitudes and approaches. All of these lead to changes in customer and employee expectations.

These external changes force internal changes to your strategy, practices, processes, policies, products, prices, and even business model. You must keep adapting and improving, or you will lose your competitive advantage. The world is changing around your organization. Is it keeping up? Are you investing in a continuous process of re-evaluation and improvement?

This is also true for your leadership skills. If you are not growing as a leader, you become stagnant and consequently irrelevant. Like your organization, you must keep evolving and improving. As a bonus, if you advance your leadership skill in one aspect of your life, it has collateral benefits in other parts of your life. A better boss can be a better spouse and parent. The world is changing around you. Are you keeping up? Are you learning new skills? Are you investing in your own growth?

Consider these did not exist in 2006: iPhone, Android, 4G wireless speed, Lyft, Kindle, Instagram, Airbnb, Snapchat, Nest, Square, Spotify. Think about how these have impacted your business, team, church, family, and personal business. They are deeply rooted, aren’t they? These changes are a decade or so old and have already fundamentally transformed so much: Communication, news consumption, entertainment like music, video, and games, banking, travel, shopping, photography, real estate. Now, consider the collateral impacts on business processes, marketing, leadership approach, culture, customer expectations, and employee attitudes. What organization has not been impacted? Imagine if you ignored them? What would your business and life be like today? Consider the similar shifts underway today. Are you keeping up?

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Leadership Development

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