Customer Experience

Struggling to attract repeat business? Can’t seem to increase your share of customer’s wallet? Wondering why your customers are leaving you? Are customers confused? Seeing an increase in customer complaints? Struggling with negative word of mouth?

Atomic Habits author James Clear said, “You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.” Is your structure betraying your customer experience? You should transform your transactions into relationships. You’ve got to earn goodwill, the right to sell on a service call, repeat business, positive word of mouth, and these will improve your profitability.

A simple transaction might be efficient on the surface, but it is shallow and impersonal. Customers will be indifferent toward you, and unlikely to provide valuable feedback. If there is a problem, you will hear their complaints, and so will everyone else. Word of mouth will impact prospective customers.

When your customer experience is designed to build relationships with your customers, they will have higher satisfaction and even loyalty. They will give you repeat business and a higher share of their wallet. You will build higher trust which leads to higher forgiveness when there is a problem. They will be less likely to leave you, and you will get much more positive word of mouth. This trust will also speed the selling cycle when customers feel a mutual interest. Instead of complaints being lobbed at you like cannons, customers will give you constructive feedback because they feel invested. All of this translates into higher profit.

Business owners hire me to figure out why customers are leaving, deepen customer relationships, and unlock profitability.


Growth & Scalability

Hit a wall on your growth? Experiencing growth pains? Growth causing chaos? Seeing inconsistent outcomes as you scale?

Growth presents unique challenges.

  • Start-ups often target niche customers when small, especially early adopters. With growth, the customer base expands to other customer segments with different needs, attitudes, skills, and capabilities. These forces changes.
  • Scale and speed punish processes, systems, and staff. Companies are loyal to them since they proved successful when the company was small, but may not see they are not prepared to handle the demands of growth.
  • Systems are blind to defective processes and can produce their undesirable outcomes at a scale and speed which compounds problems fast.

Founders hire me to scale their customer experience so they can be profitable at millions of transactions instead of thousands.

Consulting & Advisory Services


Consulting & Advisory Services

Assessment, strategy development, prioritization, action plan, key metrics designed to address your unique needs. Includes customer experience maps, feedback from customers and employees, evaluation of metrics and other data sources, and customer touchpoints.

Leader for Hire

Serve as organizational leader for a defined period of time, to achieve a specific target.