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Who Am I?

I’m a consultant, executive coach, trainer, and speaker.

Hi, I’m Kevin Phillips.

For over 25 years, I’ve been transforming customer experience, driving profitability, and scaling operations for start ups and emerging technology.

Companies hire me to drive better customer loyalty and increase profitability. Leaders hire me to coach them through their own growth and to help them develop more leaders in their own business.

Because they connect the dots between customers, employees, and leaders, they know loyal customers fuel profits. And engaged employees create loyal customers. And leaders who improve themselves engage their employees, grow their business, and advance their careers. 

They do this because whether you are talking about customers or employees, they know their business is ultimately all about the people. That’s my mantra. It all comes down to that. No one challenges that. Why would they!

I find their opportunities to exploit and gaps to fix, and show them how to transform their business and themselves as leaders.

I want to help you, too. Contact me to see how.


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