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Relationships strained among your leadership team? Your change program stuck? Team getting inconsistent results? Tasks get delegated up? Growth creating chaos? Leadership bench deep enough to fuel your growth? Looking to pass the leadership baton to the next generation, but they are not ready?

Executives hire me to help them unlock their own potential, sharpen their leadership skills, and navigate messy problems.

Leaders hire me to multiply their contribution by unlocking the potential of their team, building-up their leadership bench, and growing their next generation of leaders.

Coaching & Leadership


Executive Coaching & Advising

This service is a series of confidential meetings (in-person or virtual) between leader and certified facilitator designed to accelerate development of skills, drive constructive changes in behavior, and produce meaningful results. 

Whether addressing a leader’s own growth or navigating a business challenge, the goal of coaching is to increase leadership influence and raise effectiveness through behavioral shift and personal performance improvement .

Coaching facilitates self-discovery; Understanding and enhancement of strengths; Raise awareness of behavioral obstacles and reduce their impact; Can include behavioral assessments (e.g., DISC) and 360-degree feedback as tools.

Mentoring brings value of other experience and knowledge to guide leader’s learning.

Call today to design a coaching plan to meet your needs.

DISC Personality Indicator Assessment

DISC measures an individual’s default behaviors across four attributes (Drive, Influence, Steadiness, & Compliance). There are no right or wrong answers, and no good or bad styles, just different styles. Each style has different strengths and potential weaknesses if exercised too much. For more insight, see http://bit.ly/2QnL0Ku

Goal: Improve relationships, influence, and communication by increasing awareness (of yourself and others) and adjusting your behavior as appropriate.

As a result, the assessment can help improve relationships, marriage, understanding your child better, communicate better, negotiate better, sell better, build better teams, hire better candidates, etc. You can go from "tolerating" someone to understanding how to relate.

DISC Assessment + Debrief (Individual  or Group)

DISC Method Personality Indicators (Workshop): Learn to apply the Law of Awareness to recognize your strengths and recognize your limitations; Overcome your shortcomings and clear the path to personal growth; Understand how others are different and how you can work more effectively with them; Build a stronger team that works better together; Learn better strategies for managing conflict.

Pre-hire Hiring Assessment: If a person's style is compatible with a job, their energy goes into creativity; Otherwise, their energy is devoted to closing the gap.

360 Degree Feedback

This assessment collects anonymous feedback from supervisors, peers, direct reports, customers

Goal: Understanding the perception of others is powerful. Becoming aware is the first step. Learning to accept and own that feedback, even when it is counter to self-perceptions and painful to hear, is difficult but perception is reality. Taking deliberate action to change behavior based on that feedback produces results.

360 Assessment + Individual Debrief

DISC Assessment & Workshop

I will help guide and encourage your team, helping you achieve greater productivity and better relationships. You will leave ready to achieve greater fulfillment. Success is built on understanding people and meeting their needs. Together, we will unlock these insights and transform leadership.



You Don’t Have to #TearThemDown to #BuildThemUp: The drill sergeant’s job is to tear down new recruits so they can be rebuilt into soldiers. But a leader’s job is construction, not destruction.

Develop or Decay – The Choice Is Yours: As a leader, you are either growing or withering. Stretching or falling back. Advancing or regressing. Those you lead depend on your growth. Become a life-long learner. Develop yourself. Stay ahead.

Heart of Influence is Relationship: Leadership is influence, and relationships are at the heart of influence. Through the relationships you build, you increase influence. As you develop other leaders, your influence expands exponentially.

Finding the Pattern to Connection: People are different. Predictably different. Learn the patterns in yourself and others. These differences influence the effectiveness of your communication, influence, and connection.


Training & Facilitation



Three of the Five Most Important Techniques to Improve Your Leadership: The three skills that will quickly improve your leadership effectiveness with practical tips you can begin using immediately: Personal growth, Connecting with others, and Communication skills.

#BuildThemUp: There is no more important responsibility of a leader than to engage and unleash the potential of team members. This workshop focuses on engaging your team and developing the leaders around you.

At the Edge of Your Comfort Zone: You are either growing or becoming stagnant, and your organization cannot afford the latter. Growth does not occur in your comfort zone. It is hard work, but critical to your personal and organizational success. This workshop focuses on practical steps you should take to build and execute your development plan.

Ya Gotta Have a Plan: A hands-on workshop where you will build your own solid growth plan; Uses a framework Kevin constructed over decades of personal and professional development, with input from several mentors. Leave this session with a first draft and clear direction on how to keep the plan relevant.

Leadership Essentials: A five-part workshop challenging participants to raise their leadership influence, beginning with key roles of vision casting, decision making, and leading change; Then a deep dive into people’s natural tendencies (DISC), their own, recognizing those in others, and how to adapt behavior based on that; Followed by practical tips to improve leadership communication; And practical tips to improve relationships, team building, conflict management; Finally, a look at the role of developing other leaders.

How Your Non-profit (or Church) Is Like a Business: Your organization exists to serve a higher purpose than profit, but is your effectiveness hampered because you lack key business practices important even for your organization?

Is Your Customer Experience an Obstacle to Profitability? Your customers and employees already know what stands in the way of your profitability. How do you discover those obstacles to customer experience and unlock your profit potential?

Change — Survive or Thrive: Leaders cast vision and transform, but change is difficult. At its best, it is painful. At its worst, it is a disastrous journey that leads to no meaningful difference. How can the organization survive? More importantly, how can it succeed?

Growing Pains: Whether you are a start-up beginning a spurt, church experiencing it organically, or some other team expanding to meet market needs, growth is always a challenge. The unexpected gets you off your game. As teens, all of us experienced the discomfort (and sometimes pain) of growth. Physical. Emotional. Mental. As your organization grows, you will also experience pains. To succeed, expect the struggle and plan for the challenges.

The Law of Awareness (DISC Method Personality Indicators): Learn to apply the Law of Awareness to recognize your strengths and recognize your limitations; Overcome your shortcomings and clear the path to personal growth; Understand how others are different and how you can work more effectively with them; Build a stronger team that works better together; Learn better strategies for managing conflict.


A Mastermind is a facilitated class focused on individual learning from four angles: Self-study from pre-work; Leader learning; Peer learning; Self-discovery. Participants raise the bar and challenge each other to new levels of learning. Can be in-person or virtual. Experience the power of masterminding with like-minded people.

Developing the Leader Within You: Based on the John Maxwell book by the same title, this Mastermind leads you on a discovery of the important principles of leadership with practical tips you can put into practice immediately. Exercising influence. Prioritizing. Building trust. Driving change. Solving problems. Serving people. Casting vision. Disciplining yourself. Growing.

15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: You are either growing or becoming stagnant, and your organization cannot afford the latter. This Mastermind is a learning journey about your learning journey and how to gain the most from your self-investment, based on the John Maxwell book, 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: Leaders, executives, pastors, and parents all need to communicate effectively, but connecting is far more critical. This Mastermind explores all aspects of communication from one-on-one to the stage and focuses more deeply on how to increase influence through connection. Based on the John Maxwell book, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.

Developing the Leaders Around You: The success of your organization depends on the performance of your team. Leaders work through others and you need to delegate more as you grow. Improving the capability of the leaders around you multiplies your impact. Based on John Maxwell’s book by the same name, this Mastermind leads you on a journey to create a growth climate, identify leadership potential, develop leaders, and put them in the best position for their gifts.

Facilitated Sessions

Strategy Development: An organization needs to have a clear vision of where they are headed, a coherent strategy to get there, and the goals, metrics, and plan to execute it. Whether your needs are for the organization, a specific department, to tackle a new market opportunity, or define next year’s goals, this session will bring the right team members together to align around the strategy, prioritization, people impacts, the investment required, and communication plan.

Change Game Plan: Changes are difficult under the best of circumstances. When transformational, the complexity and resistance are significant. If ineffectively implemented, the organization will return to the comfort of the “old way,” wasting the investment. Achieving the desired outcome depends mostly on how well the change is understood, communicated, and coordinated. This session will bring the right team members together to align around the desired change, customer and employee impacts, tactics to address expected hurdles, and communication plan.

Customer Experience Blueprint: Customer experience impacts your financial and operational performance yet leaders are often unaware of frustration points. Understanding that experience, implementing improvements, and shifting from transactions to relationship building can increase customer loyalty and unlock profitability. This session will bring the right team members together to align around your customer experience goals, gaps, and opportunities, and develop a plan to improve the experience and change your customer outcomes.

New Leader Orientation: A new leader can be “make or break” for the team, but there are natural obstacles that stunt the team during the transition. This facilitated workshop accelerates the leader and team transition, providing a safe and structured way to Get the team on the same page, establish clear expectations, address unspoken concerns and doubts.

New Team Formation: Bringing a new team together creates opportunities to raise effectiveness and solve problems, but only after the team finds its new team identity. This facilitated workshop accelerated the team through the honeymoon and subsequent frustrations of a new team formation.